Bobbin for Apps was conceived as a creative outlet by healthcare technology executives.  We simply wanted the experience and excitement of creating things that were ONLY fun!


We’re based in the Pacific Northwest, where dogs are sacred and your pooch really hopes you have more antidepressants to pick up at Walgreens so they can have a cookie at the drive-thru.  After 5 minutes of the pharmacist fawning over the dog, we said “WOW! People really love dogs!”.


We mulled over lots of ideas and talked about it on the way to the bank, through the drive-thru, and through another cookie and “gee, your pooch is cute” conversation.  A week later, on to Starbuck’s drive-thru where we received some extra cappuccino foam in a separate cup for the pup in the back!  People love their pets and people love to love other people’s pets!


On to our doggie hike, where we wanted to take a group picture.  We set the phone up on a stump, set the timer and spent the next 10 min trying to get two dogs to look at the phone.  UGH. Peture was born.  Set the sound, set the timer, set your camera up, and VOILA, perfect pet pictures every time.


We’re looking for it to be a hit or, at minimum, be a cool learning experience so we can build out the next fun to use app.  ENJOY!

Bobbin for Apps